10 August 2012

Must Love Books

Blind Submission by Debra Ginsberg.

Angel Robinson has worked at Blue Moon books for years and loves it.  But when the owner tells her she's closing the store, Angel has to find a new job.  On her boyfriend's recommendation, she applies at the small, but respected, Lucy Fiamma Literary Agency in upscale San Rafael, California.

She gets a position as Lucy's personal assistant, but it's not at all what she expected.  The job takes up almost every one of her waking hours, she's exhausted all the time, and it's having a negative effect on all her relationships, especially her love life.

She does love the work, though.   She especially enjoys reading the manuscripts from hopeful writers, and discovers that she has a talent for turning a so-so manuscript into something wonderful with a few strokes of her red pen.

Then, she receives a submission from an anonymous author who will only identify as "G.A.Novelist".  The story, Blind Submission, is about a young woman who takes a job in a small literary agency.  At first, Angel is charmed.  When Lucy sees it, she's excited and wants to sign the author right away, but G.A. will not identify her/himself.

Angel becomes more and more indispensable to Lucy, though her personal life continues to crumble.  Meanwhile, "G.A." slowly sends in chapters of a story which is beginning to seem eerily similar to Angel's life.  Angel is so tired and overworked that paranoia creeps over her.

She must know "G.A.", but how can she force her/him to reveal her/himself?

Ginsberg tells the story in the first person from Angel's point of view, and makes the reader feel Angel's emotions as intensely as she does.  Angel's paranoia seems so logical that being forced to put the book down during a particularly passionate rant is somewhat discombobulating for the reader.

The library catalogue's subject listing for this is simply Literary agents -- fiction, but should include --mystery and --humor.

I'm very much looking forward to Ginsberg's next novel, What the Heart Remembers, to be released in early September.

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