19 October 2012

Spies and PIs - Part II (for the guys)

Mickey Bolitar series by Harlan Coben. 

Mickey was introduced in Harlan Coben's novel Live Wire, the 10th in a series about his Uncle Myron, a sports agent and occasional amateur sleuth.  In Shelter, the first book starring Mickey, he is sent to live  with Myron after his father is killed and his mother enters rehab.
At his new school, Mickey begins seeing a troubled girl named Ashley, and discovers that she isn't really what she seems.

There are two books in this series:  Shelter, and Seconds Away.

Extras:  Check out Mickey's facebook page.

Danger Zone series by David Gilman.

After an attempt on his life on the grounds of his British boarding school, Max Gordon learns that his father Tom, an environmentalist, has gone missing in Africa.  Max rushes to Namibia to find him, and discovers that the ruthless and powerful Shaka Chang is engineering an ecological disaster that may endanger Tom Gordon's life and maybe also Max's.

The series includes three books: The Devil's Breath, Ice Claw, and Blood Sun.

Extras:  The publisher's website has an interactive Danger Zone page.

Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz.

When his guardian dies in suspicious circumstances, fourteen-year-old Alex Rider finds his world turned upside down. 
Within days he's gone from schoolboy to superspy. Forcibly recruited into MI6, Alex has to take part in gruelling SAS training exercises. Then, armed with his own special set of secret gadgets, he's off on his first mission.*

So far there are eight books in the series:  Stormbreaker, Point Blanc, Skeleton Key, Eagle Strike, Scorpia, Ark Angel, Snakehead, and Crocodile Tears.

Extras:  A movie version of Stormbreaker, called Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker was released
in 2006.

*Summary from the Alex Rider website

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