27 November 2012

Teen Tuesday

Gifts for teens who love to read

Book Jewelry

You can find a lot of cool stuff at Etsy and Artfire.  Enter "book jewelry" or for graphic novel lovers, "comic book jewelry" in the search box.

Eve's Addiction has sterling silver jewelry for movies based on books, like The Hunger Games, Twilight and Alice in Wonderland.

Author/Series-specific gifts

Jane Austen:  The Jane Austen Centre Gift Shop (These ship from the UK, so allow plenty of time!)
                       The Pemberley Shop

Neil Gaiman:  Neverwear

Edward Gorey:  The Gorey House Store
                           Gorey Details 

Harry Potter:  The Pottermore Shop


Barnes and Noble
Hayneedle.com  - mostly for younger kids, but a few for teens
Judith Edwards -  sports-themed bookends!
PB Teen

Next week, books to give as gifts.


  1. Just stopping by to say thank you for signing up for the 2013 Standalone Reading Challenge! Best of luck :)

    However, there was an issue with your site on the sign up linky. You have it going to the wrong location (I found you via google). Would you mind signing up again with the right url?


    1. That's odd. Yes, I'll try again.

    2. It works now! The first one did not have the "-".



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