28 January 2013

Spin-offs and Sequels

Today is the 200th anniversary of the publication of Pride and Prejudice.  I'm participating in a blog hop co-hosted by Alyssa Goodnight and Stiletto Storytime by sharing my favorite sequels, spin-offs, and homages to my favorite novel. (Clicking on the titles will link to my reviews.)

In the comments, please share some of yours.

Prada and Prejudice by Mandy Hubbard. 

To impress the popular girls on a high school trip to London, klutzy Callie buys real Prada heels. But trying them on, she trips...conks her head...and wakes up in the year 1815!
There Callie meets Emily, who takes her in, mistaking her for a long-lost friend. As she spends time with Emily's family, Callie warms to them - particularly to Emily's cousin Alex, a hottie and a duke, if a tad arrogant.
But can Callie save Emily from a dire engagement, and win Alex's heart, before her time in the past is up?

Death Comes to Pemberley by P.D. James.

In their six years of marriage, Elizabeth and Darcy have forged a peaceful, happy life for their family at Pemberley, Darcy’s impressive estate. Her father is a regular visitor; her sister Jane and her husband, Bingley, live nearby; the marriage prospects for Darcy’s sister, Georgiana, are favorable. And preparations for their annual autumn ball are proceeding apace.
But on the eve of the ball, chaos descends. Lydia Wickham, Elizabeth’s disgraced sister who, with her husband, has been barred from the estate, arrives in a hysterical state—shrieking that Wickham has been murdered.  Plunged into frightening mystery and a lurid murder trial, the lives of Pemberley’s owners and servants alike may never be the same.

Pride, Prejudice and Jasmin Field by Melissa Nathan.

It starts as a lark for Jasmin Field, the charming, acerbically witty columnist for a national women's magazine.  She joins a host of celebraties gathering in London to audition for the season's most dazzling charity event:  a one-night only stage production of Jane Austen's immortal Pride and Prejudice, directed by and starring the Academy Award-winning Hollywood heartthrob Harry Noble.
And nobody is more surprised than Jasmin herself when she lands the role of Elizabeth Bennet.  But things start to go very wrong very quickly.  Ms. Field's delicious contempt for the arrogant, overbearing Harry Noble goes from being wicked fun to infuriating.
Her brief moment of theatrical glory looks as if it's going to be overshadowed by the betrayal of her best friend, the disintegration of her family and the implosion of her career. And suddenly she can't remember a single one of her lines.  But, worst of all, Harry Noble -- who, incidentally, looks amazing in tight breeches -- has started to stare hard at Jazz with that sort of a glimmer in his eyes...

Love, Lies and Lizzie by Rosie Rushton.

What would happen if Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice was set in the twenty-first century?
When Mrs Bennet inherits enough money to move to the kind of village she has always dreamed of, her daughters find themselves swept up in a glamourous life of partying and countryside pursuits.
But Lizzie and her sisters soon discover that, beneath the very smart surface, lurks a web of intrigue and rivalries . . .


  1. Hi Marlyn--I really enjoyed Death Comes to Pemberley, Pride and Prejudice and Jasmin Field, Confessions of an Austen Addict, Austenland, The Other Mr. Darcy, Mr. Fitwilliam Darcy:The Last Man in the World.

    I have my own sequel coming out in Fall 2013 from Harper Collins, about Mary Bennet, as yet untitled (but I'm sure Mary's name will be there somewhere). It's about Mary's difficult journey toward self-acceptance. And what would an Austen sequel be without a little romance?

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Pam.
      I loved CONFESSIONS and AUSTENLAND, too, but haven't come across the others. Yet.
      And thanks for the hint about your upcoming Mary book; I'm looking forward to it. I think Mary is too often overlooked.

    2. Austenland has a sequel now called "Midnight in Austenland". Austenland has also recently been made into a movie.

  2. So glad I hopped on by here in my P&P blog hopping! I hadn't heard of Pride, Prejudice and Jasmin Field, and now I totally want to read it. That is so going on my ever growing book list.

    1. I'm so glad you hopped by here, too, Veronica!

  3. The Exploits & Adventures of Miss Alethea Darcy by, Elizabeth Aston
    Mr. Darcy's Diary by, Amanda Grange
    The Man Who Loved Jane Austen by, Sally Smith O'Rourke
    Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy: The Last Man in the World by, Abigail Reynolds

    1. Thank you for visiting, Chelsea, and for the suggestions. I'll look for them.

    2. The sequel to The Man Who Loved Jane Austen just came out recently & it is called "Yours Affectionately, Jane Austen". Hope you enjoy them.


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