15 July 2013

Santa Fe

We've spent the last couple of days in Santa Fe, just exploring one of our favorite cities.

The first place we hit was the Loretto Chapel, which is famous for having a spiral staircase with no central support.   I didn't get a chance to see this on my last visit, and didn't want to miss it this time.

Photo by Tod Beebe
(I wanted to crop the goofy-looking librarian out of the shot, but that would have taken out part of the staircase.)

Apart from that, not a whole lot of picture-taking went on.  We did our bit for the economy here.
Later today, we're heading for Ojo Caliente for a few days.  I may not post from there, because the only wi-fi is in the lobby.

I'll leave you with a shot of a really cool coffee table I saw in one of the galleries on Canyon Drive. What you can't tell from the still photo is that the gears are moving!

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