21 August 2013

You are so welcome, Jamie!

As a book reviewer, I always have piles of books all over the house.   As much as I would like to, I can't keep them all; I just don't have the space.

Many of the books are donated to my local library when I've finished with them., but they cannot use the advance reading copies or galleys.  It pains me to even think of throwing them away, so   I've donated some to Ronald McDonald House, and various hospitals in the area.

When a dear friend in the Naval Reserve was overseas, I sent her several boxes of books, but she's been back for some time (thank goodness!).  I still wanted to send books to troops and their families, so was happy to learn about Operation Paperback

I'm ashamed to say that in the past couple of years, I've only sent three or four shipments of around a dozen books each.  The last box I sent was last June to a family at an overseas base, who requested kids books, especially some for young adult girls.  Yesterday, I was thrilled to receive a  thank-you card with a photo of the family, and a sweet note:

I feel all warm and fuzzy inside! 

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