26 September 2013

Death at School

The Hanging (Maggie MacGowen #8) by Wendy Hornsby (Perseverance Press trade paperback, 10 September 2012).

There are many changes in Maggie's life.  Not only is she adjusting to being a widow, she doesn't have any film projects on the go, and as a result, is teaching at a local community college.

One of her students, Sly Miller, has won a contest to have his sculpture hung in the administration building (a expensive new vanity project of the college president's).  Maggie is supposed to film the installation of the complex artwork, but Sly  isn't there when she arrives.  Instead, what she sees is president Park Holloway's body, hanging in the stairwell, just where Sly's sculpture was supposed to be.

Of course, both she and Sly are the prime suspects; Maggie, since she found the body and Sly, since Holloway was claiming that Sly didn't really win the contest.  Maggie can't fall back on Mike anymore, so her only recourse is to find the real killer.

With the help of her Uncle Max, the attorney and some other old friends, she learns a great deal about the business side of the art world and how corrupt it can be.

As usual, Ms. Hornsby's prose is a pleasure to read. The story is compelling, and the characters are believable.  Maggie is a charming protagonist who has come to be like a friend over the years; I look forward to more of her adventures!

FTC Full Disclosure:  Many thanks to Perseverance Press for the review copy of the book.

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