10 September 2013

Teen Tuesday

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (St. Martin's Griffin hardcover, 10 September 2013).

Twins Cather and Wren (their mother didn't want to think of two names) have always been close, but different sides of the coin.  Wren is outgoing and eager for new experiences, while Cath is quieter and dislikes change. 

Leaving the home they've lived in all their lives to go to college is a pretty big change.  Cath is hoping to minimize the change by rooming with her sister (they've done it for eighteen years, why stop now?), but Wren disagrees.  And, as usual, she gets her way. 

Living in different buildings, they don't see each other much once term begins.  Wren and her roommate Courtney dive into college social life, especially the partying aspect.  When Cath isn't in class, she stays in her room, working on the fanfiction she's become known for (as Magicath), and studying.  Afraid to search for the dining hall, she survives on protein bars, worrying that her father isn't eating or sleeping well without his daughters (their mother left when they were very young) to take care of him.

The characters in this story are fantastic.  Even the minor players have substance.  The behavior and dialogue of teens on their own for the first time rings true.  The excerpts from The Simon Snow series (the basis of the fanfic), and Cath's slash fiction provide stories within the story and are well-written enough to make this reader wish they were real.

Whatever I was expecting when I began reading this book, it certainly wasn't to become so completely drawn into the story that I stayed up too late finishing it.  Read it!

FTC Full Disclosure:  Many thanks to Edelweiss and St. Martin's Griffin  for the e-galley.

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