05 December 2013

Visiting Vienna + A Giveaway!

City of Lost Dreams by Magnus Flyte (Penguin trade paperback, 26 November 2013).

Musicologist Sarah Weston has headed to Vienna in search of a cure for her student and friend Pollina Rutherford, who is dying of a rare illness.  She's hoping to convince a brilliant, but eccentric Viennese doctor to take on Pollina's case.  Meanwhile, the dwarf Nico Pertusato is on a similar quest in London, except that he is searching for an alchemical answer from artifacts in various museums. 

As Pollina gets sicker and weaker, her friends become more and more desperate to find a treatment for her.  But not only do both Sarah and Nico continue to be thwarted in their search, they somehow manage to not only follow wild geese, but get into trouble at every turn.

City of Lost Dreams is an intriguing sequel to City of Dark Magic (2012).  Many of the core characters return:  Sarah, Nico, Prince Max, Pollina and her caretakers, and even Sarah's former Boston roommate Alessandro, now studying medicine in Vienna.  Although there isn't as much time-shifting as in the first book, City of Lost Dreams makes up for it with bloodthirsty nobles, espionage, sorcery, humor, and yes, a certain amount of sex and bawdiness.

For a 355-page book it's a remarkably quick read, mostly because it's impossible to put down once begun.  Although a sequel is not even hinted at, the possibility is certainly there.  Here's hoping.

Now, just for fun:

The Penguin Group has very kindly offered a copy of CITY OF LOST DREAMS to one of my readers.  Please comment on this post, and make sure you include your contact information.  Entries from the US only, please.

FTC full disclosure:  Many thanks to the publisher for the review copy of this book. 

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