19 December 2013

The Book Thieves

The Sayers Swindle (Book Collectors Mystery #2) by Victoria Abbott.

It feels as though I've been waiting forever for this book,  the first book in the series, The Christie Curse, was released only eight months ago.

Jordan Bingham is still working for Vera Van Alst, finding and purchasing rare mystery books for the elderly woman's library.

Vera's complete set of Dorothy Sayers novels has been stolen, and accidentally purchased and sold by Jordan's friend, rare book dealer Karen Smith.  Unfortunately, a serious blow to the head has caused Karen's memory to be erratic, and not only can she not remember the buyer, she was never an efficient record-keeper.

Thanks to the uncles who raised her, Jordan knows a bit about covert investigations, but her continual encounters with police officer Tyler Dekker are worrisome.

I adore Jordan, and even though I love my profession, I would be thrilled to have her job.  I whizzed through this book in a day, and am now anxious for book three in the series.

FTC Full Disclosure:  Many thanks to the publisher for the review copy of this book.

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