02 July 2010

Visiting Anne

Today, we went to Avonlea and saw Green Gables.big camera PEI-2010 028
Actually, it's Cavendish, Prince Edward Island. The house Lucy Maud Montgomery based Green Gables on is a real house, but it belonged to one of her neighbours. It's now an historic site and has been turned into a museum.

The interior of the house is set up as though Anne and Marilla lived there.big camera PEI-2010 029

In what would be Anne's room, there is a dress with puffed sleeves,big camera PEI-2010 036
and a broken slate (see lower left-hand corner).
PEI-2010 038

Tod found it quite extraordinary that people were behaving as though these fictional characters were real, and had actually lived in that house.

The site of Lucy Maud's house is also an historic site.PEI-2010 045The house is no longer there, unfortunately. PEI-2010 048

The Green Gables Post Office is partially a museum as well, though it's not the original building. The Cavendish Post Office at the time was located in the Macneill house. I hadn't realized that L.M. had been assistant postmaster in Cavendish, which she used to her advantage by slipping her manuscripts into the mailbags when no one was looking. Of course, as part of her job, she also received the mail before anyone else, and was able to nab the rejection letters before anyone could see them.

If you mail a letter at that post office, it will have a Green Gables postmark. I sent my sister a postcard from there.

By this time, I was starting to feel a little guilty about dragging Tod around on a pilgrimage he doesn't understand (and, I was getting hungry), so we went to lunch.

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