30 October 2010

Just finished reading...

The Baby Thief by L.J. Sellers.*

Jenna wants a baby, even though she doesn't have a man in her life. A strong, independent young woman, she decides to be artificially inseminated and visits a fertility clinic. The doctor who examines her, however, has her own agenda. Dr. Elizabeth Demauer also wants a baby, but isn't able to become pregnant. A DNA test confirms Elizabeth's suspicion that she and Jenna are related, so she decides that Jenna will be her surrogate.

Dr. Demauer is involved with David Carmichael, a disgraced physician-cum-evangelist who believes that his mission is to artificially inseminate young woman so that they can populate the earth. He runs a compound on an isolated farm, where he lives with several women and girls.

Meanwhile, the restaurant that Jenna manages is robbed, and even though the the thieves are successful, Jenna saves the life of a customer. A freelance journalist who happens to be dining there asks Jenna for an interview, and in the time they spend together, they make a connection.

Demauer and Carmichael conspire to get Jenna out to the compound so that they can impregnate her using Elizabeth's eggs. What they don't consider, however, is Jenna's strength and resourcefulness.

This is a gripping, read-in-one-sitting story. Highly recommended!

*Many thanks to L.J. Sellers for the e-galley!

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  1. Thanks, Marlyn, for such a great review. This book took a lot of work and research, but I loved writing it.


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