13 August 2013

Teen Tuesday

Don't Look Now (Persefone Trilogy #2) by Michelle Gagnon (HarperCollins hardcover, 27 August 2013).

Thirteen months ago, I reviewed Don't Turn Around, the first book in this dystopian trilogy.  I waited eagerly for almost a year before I was able to download the galley of the second book to read and review it, and agonizing though it was, it was worth the wait.

The action begins on the first page, with Noa (whom, we discover, is now a "team leader" with Persefone's Army, a group of young people who survived pharmaceutical giant Pike & Dolan's experiments) and her crew in San Francisco tailing a pair of suspicious-looking men who are almost certainly part of the evil Project Persephone's mercenary squads.

Meanwhile, Peter, Noa's fellow hacker from book one, is still in Boston, doing what he does best, working online with secret chat groups trying to find out what P & D is up to.  He also attempts a physical surveillance of Mason, the P & D employee he went up against in Don't Turn Around, while worrying the whole time about his ex-girlfriend Amanda, who is exhibiting classic symptoms of PEMA.

Some reviewers have complained that too much of the narrative is concerned with romances between various characters, but I believe it works, because these are mostly hormone-fueled teens.

Like its predecessor, Don't Look  Now is a gripping thriller, both psychological and action-packed.

If you enjoyed the Don't Turn Around, pre-order the sequel now.  If you haven't, pre-order this anyway, and read the first book while you're waiting for its release.

FTC Full Disclosure:  Many thanks to Edelweiss and HarperCollins for the e-galley.

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