23 September 2013

Cozy Monday

Poisoned Prose (Books by the Bay #5) by Ellery Adams (Berkley Prime Crime mass market,           1 October 2013).

Olivia and her fellow Bayside Book Writers are excited about a storytelling festival, featuring nationally renowned storytellers, taking place in Oyster Bay.  The headliner is Violetta Devereaux, a compelling but mysterious teller from Appalachia.

During her performance, she not-so-subtly implies that her life is about to end.  Sure enough, her body is found in her dressing room after the performance, apparently asphyxiated in a plastic bag. When it is determined that she didn't do it herself, Chief Sawyer Rawlings asks the Bayside Book Writers to help him figure out who did.

This series is so much fun to read, partly because excerpts from the Writers' books are often included, some of which are very good, which means that Ms. Adams is writing several books (or at least parts of them) in one.  Though Olivia is definitely the protagonist, the group's members, each of whom has their own interesting background, are also major characters

FTC Full Disclosure:  Many thanks to the publisher for providing a review copy.

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