04 May 2006

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

My husband and I went to the LA Times Book Fest last Saturday morning. What a great time! We like to walk around the grounds and visit the booths, perhaps meet some authors. He's a reader, too, and we stop at many of the booths just to see what's interesting. The travel bookstores, for example, or the progressives ones like Mother Jones' Almanac (which we got a subscription to, btw).

This is also where my husband indulges my passion for mystery novels. We always vist the mystery bookstore booths (Mysterious Galaxy, Book 'em, The Mystery Bookstore), sometimes more than once, to see some of my favourite people in the world: mystery writers. I bought a book from Hailey Linds. Didn't buy a book from Jerrilyn Farmer, Diana Killian, or Nathan Walpow, becuase I've already read all their books. Diana sent me a signed copy of her latest Sonnet of the Sphinx just a few weeks ago. Jerrilyn's next book won't be out till next year, unfortunately.

The artwork was done by children's author/illustrator Marie-Louise Gay, and it's so delightful I had to buy a t-shirt. (Swag is still available through the Book Fest website.)

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