03 May 2006

Just Finished Reading...

... Lake of Sorrows by Erin Hart (sequel to Haunted Ground).

It's one of those books that is so good you want to rush through it, but at the same time read slowly and savor. Nora Gavin, a pathologist, is called to Loughnabrone in County Offaly, to examine a body found in a bog. But other bodies, killed in the same ritual way that the ancient body was, start appearing around the site. The relationship between Nora and archeologist Cormac Maguire, which began in the first book, has developed further. Interesting descriptions of life in the bog areas of Ireland, with lots of historical and archaeological information give a real sense of place. I'm looking forward to another Nora Gavin/Cormac Maguire mystery.

Next up: The Baby Game by Randall Hicks.

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