21 June 2006

Newgrange & Kilkenny

Yesterday, we toured Newgrange, which was very cool. We actually got to go inside the mound... a passageway so low that I had to bend over, and so narrow that I had to walk sideways to get through. The afternoon was spent back at the house watching the World Cup.

We arrived in Kilkenny around 1 p.m., then spent the better part of a half hour trying to find our BnB. Street signs? What street signs?
We finally ended up phoning our host to get directions, and found we were 3 minutes away. We parked at the house (what we saw of it looks charming!) and walked back to the High Street for a pub lunch. On the way we discovered why we couldn't find the street we were looking for: it was blocked by an SUV. But street name signs are very rare and very poorly placed to begin with.

We're going to spend the rest of the afternoon touring Kilkenny, then off to Blarney tomorrow.

Oh, too bad the Oilers lost the Cup!

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