19 June 2006

We're here!!

Well, we arrived safely in Dublin very early yesterday morning.
Got to our BnB before they were ready for us, but the very kind hostess gave us tea and biscuits while we waited. She had the rooms ready for us in less than an hour!

We napped, showered, went out for a pub lunch, came back and napped some more.
When the kids finally woke up around 8 p.m., we went out for a Thai dinner.

Today we toured the Guinness Storehouse. We got to taste some freshly brewed Guinness. Tod is still laughing about the face I made when I tasted it. I am definitely not a beer drinker! (On the other hand, I am certainly appreciating the tea here!)

We found Murder Ink on Dawson Street. I must say I was disappointed. It was an attractive store, but didn't seem to have a wide variety of stock. The proprietor seemed unfriendly, and stood in the doorway smoking a cigarette the whole time I was there. Oh, well. I'm sure we'll come across many more bookshops on our travels.

We popped into the Clarence Hotel for a short rest. Katy read the World Cup results in the Irish Times. She's really getting into it.
In other sports news, I had to wait until about 20 minutes ago to find out that the Oilers won the hockey game on Saturday night, and I probably won't find out about today's game until sometime tomorrow afternoon when I can get on the internet again. Sigh.

Tomorrow, Newgrange and environs.

Update 7/3/06: For photos from Dublin, please click here.
For photos of Newgrange, please click here.

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