15 June 2006

Just finished reading...

Piece of My Heart by Peter Robinson.

I wanted to finish this before leaving on our trip, and didn't have any trouble. This is one of Peter's best; a real page-turner.

Alan Banks' investigation of the murder of a freelance journalist links to the decades-old murder of a young woman at a rock festival in North Yorkshire. The connection? Nick Barber, the writer, was doing a feature on one of the bands that played at the Brimleigh festival in 1969.

Obviously, Banks would not have been a policeman in 1969, since he was the right age to be attending the fesival (though there is no indication that he did). We are introduced to DI Stanley Chadwick who is in charge of the investigation into the murder of the young woman. Unlike Banks, Chadwick is very strait-laced and by-the-book. He's also kind of old-fashioned, not understanding the hippie to drugs, music, and sex, an attitude that is complicated by his 16-year-old daughter who is experimenting with those things.

The narrative switches back and forth between 1969 and the present day. As with In a Dry Season, Robinson does this very successfully. He is one fantastic writer!

Now to decide what books to take with me on the plane....

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  1. Hey, you're off to Ireland! Have a fantastic time, I love Ireland.

    I enjoy your DL posts, and will drop by for updates, and hopefully eventually pictures, from your travels. Safe journey.


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