12 July 2006

Just finished reading....

Twelve Sharp by Janet Evanovich

I keep expecting Evanovich to run out of steam with this series, but, so far, she hasn't. In this outing, Stephanie is trying to find a guy who has stolen Ranger's identity. She does a pretty good job of internet research on the identity thief. I think she should give up the active bounty hunting, and just do the online searching part.

However, that wouldn't make for as exciting a story. Although none of Stephanie's cars get blown up here, a bad guy's car does. His house gets burnt down, too. Lula decides she's going to become a rock singer, and persuades Grandma Mazar to join the group.

Although we don't see Valerie and family this time, there are still the inevitable Friday night roast beef dinners with Stephanie's parents and Joe. And why the heck can't she just decide between Joe and Ranger?

Next up: The Blue Rose by Anthony Eglin

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