14 July 2006

Just finished reading...

The Blue Rose by Anthony Eglin

Anyone who knows even a little about roses is aware that there is no such thing as a blue rose. In fact, rose breeders have been trying unsuccessfully to create one for years.

So when Alex and Kate Sheppard find one hidden in the gardens of their recently purchased house, they are excited. But once they start looking into the possibility of marketing their discovery, the realize that announcing the existence of a blue rose is like announcing the discovery of the Holy Grail.
Suddenly, they are receiving mysterious phone calls and letters from people who want them to turn over the rose.

But when a close friend dies, the possibility arises that the rose is somehow cursed.

One wouldn't expect the rose-breeding industry to be quite so dangerous, but as the story progresses this becomes more and more understandable.

This book will be appreciated by rose aficionados, gardeners in general, and most mystery lovers.

Next up: No Good Deeds by Laura Lippman

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