16 July 2006

Mediterranean Blues at the Bowl

Last night, Tod and I went to the Hollywood Bowl for our first concert of the season. I love going to the Bowl: the elegant picnics beforehand (or the elegant dinners at the Rooftop Grill), relaxing with a glass of wine and/or dessert during the show.

The show we saw yesterday was entitled Mediterranean Blue: from Fado to Fireworks with Mariza. The first half was music by the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, basically movie soundtracks from films that took place in the Mediterranean area: El Cid, The Godfather, Ben-Hur, and a medley from Casablanca. The cool thing about the Casablanca suite was the presence of the piano from Rick's Cafe, which is now owned by a Beverly Hills dentist who loaned it to the Orchestra for this show. It sounds pretty geeky to say I was star-struck by a piano, but I really was!

Mariza is a Portuguese singer of fado, which is a type of Portuguese fok music, generally very melancholy. Mariza has a legion of fans in this area, many of whom appeared to be at the show last night. They cheered and called for encores, and didn't seem to understand why the whole audience didn't do the same.

The concert ended with a fireworks display choreographed to selections from El Cid, and it was absolutely spectacular!

We both had a wonderful time, though it was a little disconcerting to listen to this wonderful voice singing the blues in a foreign language, and have absolutely no idea what she was sad about.

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