25 July 2006

Just finished reading...

Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris

In the sixth Sookie Stackhouse book, Sookie goes out on a date with Quinn, a Were she met at the packmaster contest in the last book. Leaving the theatre, they are mugged by a pair of newly-bitten werewolves.

Then, Sookie has to go to New Orleans to go through her (vampire) cousin's estate, and ends up finding a body in her closet. Along with Quinn, and her cousin's landlady (a witch), she tries to figure things out , and finds herself in the midst of more than one supernatural scheme.

Sookie is a wonderful character; straightforward, clear-headed and practical, she doesn't take crap from anyone, even the otherworldy creatures that inhabit her life. I would have finished this in one day, if I hadn't had to sleep.

Next up: Cornelia Read's A Field of Darkness

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