13 December 2006

Just finished reading...

Clea Simon's Mew is for Murder and Cattery Row

I was spurred to read Cattery Row by some reviews on DorothyL. It wasn't until I was halfway through it that I realized it was the second in a series, so of course I immediately checked Mew out of the library. Theda (short for Theodosia) Krakow is a freelance writer. It's been a rough few months for her: her boyfriend Rick took a job in another state, and her longtime cat companion James died.

She is just starting to come out of her mourning period (mostly for her cat), and see her friends again. A fan of alt rock, she loves to check out the many underground clubs in the Boston/Cambridge area where she lives.

Happening upon what she thinks is a stray kitten one day, she follows it to a house inhabited by an elderly woman who, it turns out, has many, many cats, which gives her the idea that she might do a story about cat hoarders. But later, when she goes over to the woman's house, she finds her dead in her kitchen.

Although the police seem convinced that the woman fell and hit her head, Theda and her friend Violet are convinced that it was murder.

Theda is a sympathetic protagonist, independent and smart. I look forward to more books about her.

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  1. Thank you! I don't have a date yet (or even officially know if they like it), but I've sent Theda's third adventure, "Cries and Whiskers," off to my publisher.

    Happy holidays.


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