28 November 2006

Thanksgiving in Victoria - Part 3

The second thing I wanted to do in Victoria was go to Butchart Gardens, which some of us did on Wednesday afternoon. It was cool and cloudy, and had been raining, but thankfully, did not rain whilst we were exploring. Even though it was gloomy, and there were no roses, there was a lot of colour. Lots of things were still green, lots of stuff still had the vibrant fall colours.

The Gardens were in the process of being decorated for Christmas, with a Twelve Days of Christmas theme. Most of it was done, but there was no partridge in the pear tree, the turtledoves' cage was empty, and the 9 ladies weren't dancing yet. I think Katy managed to get pictures of everything that was already set up. Tod and I took a lot of garden pictures, too.

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Tod tended to take a lot of landscape photos...

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...while I tried to be artistic.

We spent a good 2 hours wandering around, and eventually all of us ended up in the coffee shop having hot chocolate or coffee. Luckily, it didn't start to rain until then.

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