27 November 2006

Thanksgiving in Victoria, Part 2

Day 2 in Victoria was something I'd been anticipating for weeks: Tea at the Empress Hotel. The Empress was one of the old CP Hotels (the chain is now mostly owned by Fairmont), and they still do High Tea every afternoon. It was wonderful, once we found everybody.

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A rain-soaked Empress Hotel - that's me in the red jacket, and Katy in black

We got to the hotel with nearly an hour to spare. It was raining outside, so Maureen said she'd stay inside the hotel with Mom. Tod, Katy, Dad and I went to check out the shops on Government St. We found Munro's Books, and browsed there for a while. Tod and Katy went to A & B Sound to get the new GBS cd, and Dad and I elected to stay in the bookstore. I found a book that was co-written by Kay Stewart, my English prof during my first year of university.

Suddenly, I realized that it was getting close to 2 p.m., and we headed back to the Empress. When we got there, Maureen and Mom were nowhere to be found. We learned that Meg and Carole were joining us, but we had no idea where they were. I talked to a woman in the shop next to where we'd left Maureen and Mom, and she said they'd chatted for quite a while, but had headed for the restaurant to "meet some people for tea". I wandered around and checked all the shops, but they were nowhere to be found.

Megan and Carole appeared, having just made a detour to the ladies' room. We decided we might as well sit at our table and wait, since at least Maureen and Mom knew where we were, though Dad kept offering to go look for them.

They finally showed up, and we had a delightful tea, with cucumber sandwiches, and scones, and shortbread (among other delights). Oh, and absolutely wonderful tea.

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