02 January 2007

Happy New Year!

We had a very quiet NY Eve. I went to bed around 11 cuz we had to be up fairly early to leave for the Rose Bowl game. I did wake up at midnight, though, when the neighbours' kids set off firecrackers.

We left the house about 10 a.m. on NY Day. The trick is to get to the parking lot after all the parade people have left, and before it's packed with football people. We were really frustrated, though, because we had to go around in circles to get to the Parsons lot where we usually park, and then found out it was for pass-holders only. We ended up parking in Old Town, and had lunch at Il Fornaio. We had to really rush, though, because of all the time it took us to find a parking spot. The food was great, though, and we'll have to go back sometime when we're not so rushed.

Of course it was wonderful that USC won the game. I must say that the Michigan fans are a lot more civilized than either the Texas or UCLA fans.

After the game, we stood in the shuttle bus line for about 1/2 hours, and then finallyl just decided to walk back to our car. We stopped at Beckham's Grill for dinner. Fabulous meal, and great service!

Some thoughts that came up while we were driving in circles looking for a parking spot:

1. Why don't the Tournament of Roses organizers put out a press release about access to parking? Every time we go, they change the way to get into the Parsons lot, and we end up driving around and around to find the way to get in.

2. The vendors at the Rose Bowl (and the Coliseum, and other sports venues) sell sodas, water, beer, and sometimes wine. Why don't they have bottled iced tea, or juices?

3. Speaking of vendors at sports venues, I'd love to be able to get a chocolate chip cookie at a game. It shouldn't be too hard to have packaged cookies... or even set up a stall where they bake 'em.

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