26 January 2007

How DorothyL changed my life

We have been asked by the DorothyL moderators to post our memories of DorothyL in preparation for a presentation they'll be doing at Left Coast Crime. Someone posted about how DorothyL had changed her life, and I responded with a message about how it had changed mine. I had so many positive responses that I decided to copy it here.

Now that I think about it, DorothyL changed my life, too.

If I hadn't joined DorothyL 10 years ago, I'd never have heard of Jerrilyn Farmer. Putting IMMACULATE RECEPTION on my Top Ten list for 1999 garnered me an invitation to the launch party for KILLER WEDDING.

I lived in Boston at the time, and decided the KILLER WEDDING party would be a perfect excuse to visit my brother in Los Angeles. I remember taking a taxi from their home in West Hollywood to Vroman's in Pasadena ($40 cab ride, but the driver was an LA native who gave me a great commentary on the way), and meeting a bunch of DLers, including C.J. Songer who was, for some reason, very excited to meet me!

That visit to LA made me decide to move across country, and I set up residence in Long Beach in September of 2000.

And, if I hadn't moved to California, I'd never have met my Prince Charming, whom I married in 2004, in a lovely ceremony on the Queen Mary. So, thank you, DorothyL and Jerrilyn Farmer for helping me find the love of my life

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