13 March 2007

Just finished reading....

All's Well That Ends by Gillian Roberts.

This is the final book in the Amanda Pepper Mystery series, and I wasn't sure whether or not I wanted to read it. Not because I wouldn't enjoy it; I knew I would. Roberts is a fantastic writer, and Amanda is an engaging character. But reading this book would mean no more Amanda Pepper, so when I finally got the book from the library, I decided I was going to read it slowly and savour it. So, it's taken me a week to read a book that I could ordinarily finish in a few hours.

And it was worth it.

The book begins with Amanda's attendance at a funeral for the former step-mother of Amanda's friend, Sasha. Officially, Phoebe, the deceased, had taken her own life, but Sasha refuses to believe that, and asks Amanda and her husband to look into it.

Amanda's husband, Mackenzie, is distracted by the problems of his relatives in New Orleans, as well as his own doctoral dissertation. As usual, Amanda's investigation is hampered by the necessity of her day job as a high school English teacher. But, as often happens, her interactions with her students help to provide ideas and insights for the case.

Saying much more would give too much away, so I'll close with the statement this is a fairly satisfying end-of-a-series.


  1. Hm...how many Amanda Pepper books have I missed, I wonder? I read the first two, and possibly the first three--I'd forgotten all about Amanda; I really liked her!

    I've been hooked lately on Elizabeth Peter's Amelia Peabody mysteries--can't get enough of early 20th century Egypt!

  2. I think there are either 13 or 14 Amanda Pepper stories.

  3. I guess I have some catching up to do; thanks for reminding me about Amanda!


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