11 March 2007

Palm Desert

Tod and I spent the weekend in Palm Desert, courtesy of a Christmas gift certificate from his mother.
We stayed at the Mod Resort, a relatively new little hotel that I'd read about in a travel magazine. It's a very small boutique hotel, only about 13 or 14 rooms. Very charming, very Zen.

We got into Palm Desert late Friday afternoon, after spending a couple of hours shopping at the outlet mall in Cabazon. We'd had a late lunch at Tod's favourite little burger place in downtown Palm Springs, so we didnt' check in until after 3.

Still full from the burgers at Tyler's (best veggie burger I've ever had!), we wandered down the main shopping area in PD, which was just a few blocks from the hotel.
There are some interesting galleries there.
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Chopper Moose by Gregg Alexander

(Very) late dinner at a seafood place, and then just back to the hotel to crash. (At least, I crashed; Tod watched the USC basketball game.)

Saturday morning, we had a contintental breakfast at the hotel, then went to a street fair (kinda like the OC Swap Meet) on the College of the Desert campus. Some pretty good shopping there, too!

In the afternoon, we went to The Living Desert, which is even better than the website would suggest. We got up close and personal with the giraffes,
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and the butterflies.
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It was very hot (90s), so we went back to our room to rest and relax (and watch the basketball game, which, unfortunatley, USC lost).

Had an early dinner and celebrated our 3rd anniversary at a lovely restaurant called Firecliff (sorry, no website). Then we went back to the hotel and, since it had cooled down significantly, soaked in the hot tub, and watched the stars.....

We left fairly early this morning, planning to do some gallery-hopping in Palm Springs, but decided to just head straight home, since it was still pretty hot.

Got home just before noon, and it was pretty hot here, tooo.......

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