29 May 2007

Ducks 3, Senators 2

Yes, we did, in fact make it to the Ducks game last night.
Boy, what a heartstopper!

Actually, my heart almost stopped before the game even started.

After we entered the arena, I stuffed my ticket into the pocket of my jeans, intending to purchase a lanyard for it immediately. Well, I got the lanyard, but when I tried to get the ticket out of my pocket, it was gone. We retraced our steps since we had entered the building, but no luck. Thankfully, I was already inside.

We reached our seats just in time for the warm-up, which was kinda cool to watch. The
Canadian anthem was sung by a young woman I've never heard of, but the American anthem was sung by Stephen Stills, which I thought was pretty cool, here in Orange County.

Ceremonial puck drop was by Mr. Schwarzenegger.

The first period wasn't very promising to begin with. The Ducks just couldn't seem to get organized. But after the Sens' first goal, they improved, and completely shut down the Sens' big scoring line.

And, about 3/4 of the way through the period, a Honda Center staff person came all the way up to our seats and returned my ticket. I was very impressed!

I won't describe every bit of the game in detail. It was very exciting and very stressful, but the Ducks did win.

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