26 July 2007

Yesterday and today

This morning Tod and Meg went out for a hike up a mountain. Katy and I, having gimpy knees, decided to stay home and relax. I'm quite tired from yesterday, and am enjoying sitting with my feet up, updating my blog, and getting some reading done.

Yesterday, we drove over to Waimea Canyon, making a few stops on the way. We left a little later than intended, but that gave us a chance to have a very elegant lunch at the Kilohana Plantation. We tried to go on the carriage ride, but we were told that the horses were taking the day off.

We did make a few scenic detours on the way, including a stop in Poipu to see Spouting Horn
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and the National Tropical Botanical Gardens.
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The drive up Waimea Canyon road was a bit nerve-wracking for me; it felt like a roller coaster ride, with a 1,000+ foot drop on my side of the road. But the canyon itself was beautiful,
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with some very unusual vegetation:
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Yes, those are hydrangeas in the middle of the tropical jungle.

On the way home, we stopped for dinner at a restaurant in Kapa'a called The Bull Shed, which faced right onto the ocean. I tried to take pictures of the view, but unfortunately they didn't turn out. Oh, well, tonight we're going on a sunset cruise around the Na Pali coast, and hopefully, some more gorgeous pictures will result.

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