24 July 2007

A delightful discovery!!

Before we left on this trip, I scoured the internet listings for yarn stores, but couldn't find any in Maui or Kaua'i. I forgot to check the Yellow Pages when we were in Lahaina, and although someone mentioned one in Lihu'e, but I couldn't find it listed.

Today, after a short hike around the Kilauaea Lighthouse, we went in to Hanalei for lunch and a browse. Katy spotted a cute little dog just inside the back entrance of what appeared to be a music store, so we went in. I was looking at CDs when Katy and Meg insisted that I follow them to the front of the store.

Lo and behold!! A yarn shop!! The whole front area of the shop was filled with baskets of the most wonderful yarns. Tod was quite happily playing a guitar in the back of the store, so I was able to browse to my heart's content. Luckily, it wasn't too busy, so Karen, the proprietor, was able to talk yarn with me, and show me some finished projects.

I'd accidentally brought my #13 needles with me instead of the #15s, so I picked up a pair of those. There were several yarns that I hadn't come across before: and some gorgeous handpainted merinos and cottons from Schaefer and a fabulous silk/merino blend from I-don't-remember-whom.

I'd like to say that my willpower was very strong, and I didn't buy any yarn, but that wouldn't be true. I only bought two kinds of yarn, though: some lavender-scented Skacel cotton-blend, and some of the Schaefer handpainted cotton. The colourways of the handpainted merino were vivid and stunning, but I just couldn't justify it, considering the climate where I live.

Oh, the store is called Hanalei Music's Strings & Things: Ukuleles, Yarn and More, and it's in the Ching Young Village on Kuhio Highway in Hanalei. They have a knitting group on Tuesday evenings from 7 pm to 9 pm, and if I have the energy, I'll go.

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