23 August 2007

Just finished reading....

Death by Pantyhose, by Laura Levine.

This is the sixth in Levine's Jaine Austen series. Nothing much has changed. Jaine is still a victim of fate. Practicing in the elevator for a job interview with a major advertising firm, Jaine is conned by a guy who claims to be her interviewer. He takes her to lunch, orders the most expensive item on the menu, and then, claiming to have forgotten his briefcase in her car, steals it. Of course, the real interviewer doesn't buy her story, and she is once again, unemployed.

As a result, she accepts an offer from a down-an-out comic, and ends up investigating a murder.

Jaine is very much a clone of Lucy Ricardo. Everything she does is a caper or a scam, and hardly any ever succeed.

Still, like Lucy, she's a likeable klutz, and "watching" her stumble onto the solution to the mystery is amusing.

Next up: The Careful Use of Compliments, the latest Isabel Dalhousie novel by Alexander McCall Smith.

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