26 September 2007

I heart the Yarn Harlot

Yesterday, I left a comment on the Yarn Harlot's blog, and she actually answered me. Sent me an email and everything.

Her blog yesterday was about the fact that her "house is trashed", but no one else in the family appears to notice. She ranted about this quite effectively, and I was envious.

I've occasionally thought of blogging on that subject, when I'm feeling sorry for myself because I'm the only one that ever seems to notice that the kitchen trash can is full or that the dish rack is overflowing with clean dishes that are about to fall off and break into a million pieces.

But frankly, I think we all do as much as we can (although the "I did it yesterday" excuse is starting to wear a little thin), and right now I have more available time than anyone else in the family.

I just have figure out how not to be pissed off when people who aren't trained to see what needs to be done don't do it.

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Nacht says he'd help if he had opposable thumbs.


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