24 September 2007

Knitting and slumbering

On Saturday night I went to a slumber party at one of my favourite yarn stores, Yarn Lady in Anaheim Hills. The store supplied pizzas and beverages; the rest of us brought salads, appetizers and desserts. There was SOOOO MUUUUCH food!!

About 6 or 7 women from my knitting group were there. Basically, we ate and we knit (or crocheted or spun). Yes, someone even brought her spinning wheel along with her. Around 9ish, we played a game, where Jan-from-the-store asked us questions. The person with the right answer got a prize. As soon as one got a prize, she dropped out. This went on long enough for every guest to win something, which was pretty cool.

I also bought a cool plastic knitting bag, with a grommet-hole to feed the working yarn through, and some really cool purple yarn named after Betty Friedan.

Here's a pic of Susan, me, Sharlene and someone whose name I forget:
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Photo by Angela Leese

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