23 October 2007

Me and my step-monster

My stepdaughter is a monster. Well, she plays one, not on tv, but at Knott's Scary Farm. So, every October, we see very little of her, as she goes to school during the day and scares people at night.

Sunday night was "Bring your mummy to Haunt night" for the monsters in her area. I didn't expect to be invited, as I'm not really her mom, but she said she wanted both her mother-figures there. I was so touched. I got to wear one of her Haunt jerseys, which was helpful when I was wandering around the park, because the other monsters recognized it and didn't harass me. Most of them came up to me and wanted to see whose name was on the back. Some nodded, some shook my hand, and one or two even hugged me.

The highlight of the evening was the parade. The monsters, led by a pipe'n'drum band marched up to a dais occupied by the king, followed by their mummies. Then, each monster led her/his mummy up to the dais, gave her a bouquet of flowers, and presented her to the king. I almost cried.

After that, they had some monster-limbo, and then they went back to work and we went home.
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Me and my step-monster

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