29 October 2007


My friend Melissa has been wanting to go to Wildfiber in Santa Monica. So she and Dobie and I made plans to do that yesterday. But then, we found out that the store is closed on Sundays. Not to be denied our yarn fix, we decided to go to Santa Monica anyway, since there are several other yarn stores there.

I offered to drive, which offer was readily accepted since I'm the only one of us who has a car. I picked them up at noon, and we headed to our first stop, A Mano Yarn Center. We were welcomed by owners Shannita and Annette, who were very friendly and helpful. Annette even gave me a quick'n'dirty lesson on Magic Loop knitting. I picked up a long circular needles so that I could do Magic Loop at home, as well as some notions that will be Christmas presents. Melissa bought some yarn and Dobie bought a book.

Our next stop was Compatto Yarn Salon. They were having a fabulous sale: novelty yarns for $2 a skein. I bought a bunch for gifts, and some for myself that was too pretty to pass up. Melissa bought some yarn, and I don't think Dobie bought anything.

After that, our thoughts started wandering to food. We spotted an Indian restaurant, and stopped there for sustenance. (The website says "Sunday remains closed", but it didn't remain closed yesterday.)

Refreshed and revived, we continued down Pico Boulevard to our last stop: Stitches from the Heart. They were also having a sale, and I bought more Christmas gifts. After a bit of peer pressure, Dobie finally bought some yarn.

I actually didn't spend much money, considering I visited 3 yarn stores, and bought a fair amount of stuff. Sales are wonderful!!

The staff in all the stores was very friendly and very helpful. It was a great day!!

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