27 October 2007

Just finished reading...

An Ice Cold Grave by Charlaine Harris.

The Harper Connelly books just keep on getting better. This is the third in the series, and wow!, what a story.

In small town in North Carolina, some teenaged boys have gone missing over a span of several years, and someone finally questions whether or not they were runaways, or victims of a serial killer. Harper and Tolliver are brought in to see if they are, in fact, dead. Not only does Harper find the missing boys, she finds 2 that weren't on the list. Then, she's attacked when out for a run.
All she wants to do is go home and recover, but the SBI and local police "request" that she remain available.

The story is told from Harper's point of view, and we learn a lot more about her in this book, but also a lot more about Tolliver.

I raced through this book, as I do with most of Ms. Harris', and I can hardly wait for more Harper/Tolliver stories.

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