27 November 2007

Holiday week reading

I didn't get as much reading done in Galveston as I'd hoped. I took along 3 books, finishing the first one while at the airport waiting for the flight home, and the second the next day.
I really enjoyed Some Like it Hot-Buttered, the first in Jeffrey Cohen's Double Feature mystery series. We are introduced to protagonist Elliot Freed. After selling a novel to Hollywood, he sinks the proceeds into a historic movie theatre, calling it Comedy Tonight, and showing (d'uh) only comedies. On a night when the main feature is Young Frankenstein, one of the audience members is found dead after the show.
I can't really go into much detail on this book, because I gave it to my sister-in-law after I finished it. Suffice it to say that Cohen has a great way with the English language, and is one of the funniest mystery writers around. I look forward to more in this series.

I love Leslie Caine's Domestic Bliss series. Fatal Feng Shui is the 5th installment, and begins with interior designers Erin Gilbert and Steve Sullivan having merged their businesses and calling the result "Sullivan and Gilbert". (Gilbert and Sullivan/Sullivan and Gilbert is kind of a running gag throughout the book.)
One of the first clients of the new firm is a woman who constantly changed her mind about what she wants, usually deciding after a particular portion of the construction is completed that she doesn't like it. Of course, this causes no end of headaches for Erin and Steve, and the headaches get worse when the construction foreman (who just happens to be Erin's black-sheep brother) is killed on the site.
Erin, who has been dealing with having a new siblng appear in her life, is suddenly forced to deal with his death.
This story is mildly funny, with most of the humour coming from the relationship between the two protagonists. Now that Erin and Steve are business partners, is another kind of partnership on the horizon?

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