23 November 2007

Post-Thanksgiving Post

Here I am in Galveston, in a living room that's about 100 feet from the beach, and it's too darned cold and windy to go out there. Nevertheless, it's been a nice little vacation.

The first couple of days were warm enough for beach walks, and yesterday we spent most of the day either watching football or eating or watching football in a food coma.

We arrived late Monday afternoon, so not much time for sightseeing or anything. Tuesday, we went to Old Town Galveston, and walked around an area known as The Strand, which has some great old architecture. Many of the shops appeared to be of the tourist tchotchkes variety, but we did find a bookstore called Midsummer Books, a tiny store with a great selection of local works. Next door is an even tinier Mardi Gras museum. Tod's cousin Steve and family arrived that evening, and we celebrated his birthday that evening.

Wednesday, we went to the Moody Gardens, which I had thought were outdoor gardens, but turned out to be three themed pyramids. One is an aquarium, one a rainforest garden, and the third is a hands-on science exhibit. All of them were much better than I expected. I was especially impressed with the rainforest pyramid, which had not only plant life, but animals and birds as well. They even had a little bat-cave.

Today, we're planning on checking out some of the historic homes in Galveston, including the Moody Mansion (I guess the Moody family were real movers-and-shakers in early Galveston), and maybe walk around The Strand a little more.

I didn't get much knitting or reading done, although I did get a start on the Pidge I'm making for Virginia.

I gave my SIL Monica a Pride and Prejudice board game for Christmas (we exchanged gifts with the Texas contingent on Tuesday night), and last night we played a couple of times. The PnP trivia questions were remarkably easy but it was a lot of fun.
Seven-year-old Luke loved it!

This has been kind of a scattered post, and I apologize. I attribute it to tryptophan hangover. Back to "normal" soon....

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