19 December 2007

Just finished reading....

Deadly Vintage by Elaine Flinn.

In this, Flynn's fourth Molly Doyle mystery, our heroine is settled happily in Carmel with her niece Emma. Haveing decided to branch out a little bit, Molly tries her hand at interior design. Hired by the Carla Jessop, the owner of a local winery to decorate its tasting room with antiques, she's astounded when Carla's husband vehemently disagrees with his wife's choice of designer.

A few days later, he is killed, in full view of a large group of people. Initially a suspect, Molly tries to distance herself from the investigation, but the Jessops keep asking her advice.

When a stranger appears claiming to be Emma's father, she becomes even more stressed.

It's fun to read about a place I've been, even though Molly's Carmel is not exactly the real one. And, as always in this series, there's some great information about antiques.

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