14 January 2008

Just finished reading...

Crazy Aunt Purl's Drunk, divorced and covered in cat hair by Laurie Perry.

Laurie Perry writes the popular blog Crazy Aunt Purl, which I read regularly. Not unreasonably (at least, I think not), I expected the book to be much like the blog, which is generally rather hilarious.

But the book, though it's not without humour, is a touching narrative of her adjustment to life after her marriage ended. Perry is a proficient writer, and her style is conversational and makes the reader feel like a valued friend in whom she's confiding the despair she felt after her husband left, and the gradual reviving of her spirit, with the aid of the craft of knitting.

This book is not just for knitters, though. I'd recommend it for anyone who's experienced a personal loss.

Oh, and thank you to my friend Susan for the thoughtful gift.

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