16 January 2008

Just finished reading...

Christietown: A novel about vintage clothing, romance, mystery and Agatha Christie by Susan Kandel. (Fourth in the Cece Caruso series)

Cece is getting married. Her daughter Annie is having a baby. Cece's publisher has requested a partial revision of her latest book, a biography of Agatha Christie.

On top of it all, Cece has been volunteered to plan a grand opening celebration for a housing development based on Christie's writings. Part of these celebrations is a Miss-Marple-themed play (written by Cece), with her friends and family acting the parts. But on the night of the play, the lead actress disappears, and is eventually found dead.

Of course, this throws all of Cece's projects into chaos, but rewriting the portion of her book about Christie's 11-day disappearance seems to keep her going.

A riveting book, with one of the best quotes about mystery literature that I've ever come across:
Of course, all mysteries are about forgetting. Clues, suspects, motives, opportunities: the author lays them out before you, then tricks you into forgetting what you know. By the end of the book, with the revelation of the guilty party, your memories suddenly come flooding back. How could I have missed that? How did I not notice her? The answer is simple: you knew there's be no pleasure in remembering too soon.
(Chapter 43)

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