08 March 2008

Just finished reading...

Both of these books that were gifts from the generous authors, who are fellow DorothyLers.

Just Add Salt by Jinx Schwartz

This is the second in the Hetta Coffey mystery series. Hetta is a delightful character. Single, intelligent, self-employed and independent, she lives on a boat moored in the Oakland area. In this book, Hetta and her best friend Jan and their boyfriends (brothers Jenks and Lars) had plans to sail down to Mexico. Upset when the two men suddenly disappear on a job, Hetta accepts an assignment in Baja.
This means that she'll have to sail down there on her own, during hurricane season.
Naturally, Hetta gets into all kinds of trouble, including an amorous whale, a shady group of Japanese investors, and two hurricanes.

Relative Danger by June Shaw

June Shaw's first mystery stars Cealie Gunther, a retired widow. Visiting her granddaughter Kat, she finds out that the honour student has not been attending school because of the death of a custodian, which is being blamed on Kat's favourite teacher. Cealie's son, a widower, is too caught up in his own grief to notice what's going on with his daughter.
Alarmed at the idea that Kat might not graduate at all, Cealie sets out to find out the identity of the killer by becoming a substitute teacher at the school. Of course, her meddling is unappreciated by her granddaughter, but Cealie persists.
The first person narrative helps, as we are aware of the thought processes which lead Cealie to do what she does, which otherwise might be totally baffling actions.
I enjoyed the book, and I look forward to more Cealie Gunther mysteries.

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