04 March 2008

San Francisco, Day 2

Since I managed to navigate the SF public transit system so well on Thursday, on Friday I decided to walk from the hotel to ArtFibers. It seemed easy enough: walk down to the corner, turn on Powell, and walk down to Sutter and then find #124. Only about half a mile.

Well, I walked down to Powell just fine and then I guess I turned the wrong way. I walked and walked and walked and never hit Sutter Street. I finally realized I'd goofed, and turned. There, a block or so in front of me, I saw City Lights bookstore, which I had wanted to go to anyway, and obviously wouldn't have found if I'd gone in the right direction to begin with.

I went in and browsed for a while. Before I left, I asked the nice man behind the desk for directions, and discovered I was only about half a mile away.


I slogged on. My feet were tired and I was thirsty, but I knew I was close. I found the store and discovered it was on the second floor, a long climb up a very narrow staircase.

But what a surprise when I got there!! It was a large, bright, airy room. I was greeted by Nyle, who was very pleasant and extremely helpful.
I'd decided, after e-searching the store's stock, that I wanted some tussah silk.

The cool thing about ArtFibers is that they strongly encourage the customer to knit a swatch with any yarn they might be considering purchasing. This is especially important because their stock is so unique. So, I sat down and knit a triangle (since I plan to make a triangle shawl) with Golden Chai. I decided that was what I wanted, and chose colourway #40. Nyle helped me do the math to figure out how big the shawl should be, and how much yarn I should purchase according to my gauge (something I'm not really very good at).

After that, I was exhausted and starving, took a cab back uphill to the hotel where I had lunch. When I got back to the room, Tod was there, finished for the day, and we took the cable car down to Fisherman's Wharf to play.
Tod had made reservations for dinner at Alioto's, but we had a few hours to wander around. We stopped for hot chocolate at Ghirardelli's. I ordered a dark one, and it was like drinking a chocolate bar. Heaven!!! Dinner at Alioto's was wonderful, but it paled in comparison.

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  1. what a great picture--you guys look like you're having fun :)


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