03 March 2008

San Francisco - Thursday, February 28

Last week, Tod had to go to San Francisco for the annual Bank Counsel Seminar. I decided to tag along (as I often do when the seminar is held somewhere interesting). We arrived late Wednesday evening. The seminar took place on Thursday and part of Friday, and we spent the remaining time exploring and having fun.

Of course, I had to keep myself occupied while Tod was seminar-ing. My plan was to seek out bookstores and yarn stores, while also getting in some major relaxing, reading and knitting time.

Wednesday night, I was reading the hotel literature as I always do, and discovered that if I requested a wake-up call, I could also get tea or coffee delivered at that time. So I asked for a wake-up at 9 a.m., along with tea. Sure enough, when I peeked outside the door, there was a tea tray waiting for me. Yes, it was only Lipton's tea, but I managed to overlook that detail.

Once I was tea'd, showered and dressed, I headed to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. Here, I discovered, I could get many types of quality tea, including my favourite Yorkshire Gold, which I ordered a pot of to have with my (excellent) meal.

I had thought about taking the BART down to Noe Knit and the San Francisco Mystery Bookstore, which are a few blocks apart, but at the last minute became a little intimidated and took a taxi.

I went to Noe Knit first and had a fabulous time. I'd decided it was time to buy yarn for the Clapotis that's been on my to-knit list for months, and the wonderful saleswoman, Susan (if I remember correctly) spent a good deal of time showing me different types of yarns that would work with the pattern and then allowing me to decide without any pressure what to purchase. I decided on Crystal Palace Waikiki in the shell colourway.

After that, I walked a few blocks to the SF Mystery Bookstore, which is a charming little place with books piled everywhere. After a great deal of browsing, I finally made my purchases and with the help of Diane, the proprietor, decided I could take the public transit back to the hotel. I almost managed it, too, but was daunted by the 10 uphill blocks from the BART station and took a cab for the last leg.

I was starving by the time I got back, and had a lovely liquid lunch in the hotel restaurant. Tea and soup. What did you think I meant?

Then I went back up to the room for a nap. I'd intended to do some blogging, but slept too long, waking up when Tod returned.

Thursday was banquet night, so I finally got a chance to wear the LBD I'd bought before Christmas when the Coldwater Creek store opened in Seal Beach. After dinner, we went next door to the Top of the Mark for drinks with some of Tod's colleagues, but unfortunately the fog had rolled in and we couldn't see anything from the windows. But the place was very attractive and busy, and there was a cool jazz band, with lots of people jive-dancing.

After that, we went back to our room, and I, tired out from my excursions, fell into bed.

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  1. Sounds like you had a nice time in SF. Did all three of my favorite things...Yorkshire Tea, knit store, bookstore. Can't go wrong with that!


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