02 October 2008

Getting in shape

A couple of weekends ago, we went to Edmonton to visit my family.
My mom has severe arthritis in her knees, and about a year ago, had arthroscopic surgery, but it didn't go very well. She still has a lot of pain, and despite physiotherapy, she is having a lot of trouble walking.

Since I also have arthritic knees, I decided to try to forestall the type of problems Mom is having by exercising. A little while ago, my rheumatologist said that I should stop walking for exercise, because of the stress on me knees. I've been doing Pilates, but feel like that's not enough.

So I joined a nearby fitness centre, intending to swim. Years ago (many years ago), when I lived in a high-rise apartment building with a pool, I swam every day, and enjoyed it.

Today was the first time I went to the pool. I intended to just do a few laps, to ease myself into it. Well, I could barely finish one. I was embarrassed, but decided not to push myself, since I've done that before with other exercise programs and ended up exhausted or ill and unable to continue.

I plan to go in again on Tuesday. Wish me luck!


  1. Luck to you! (you asked)

  2. Don't be discouraged, don't give up! Just the fact that you took the plunge (pun intended) is awesome! Slowly but surely, you'll get stronger. Channel Esther Williams!


  3. It doesn't matter how many you do as long as you are doing something!

  4. good luck on the new regimen, and definitely don't get discouraged--there's nothing wrong with a slow ramp up :)


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