06 October 2008

Wow! What a weekend!

I had an insanely busy, exhausting but oh, so fun weekend.

Friday evening was the Great Big Sea concert. It was their first show here in a few years, and we were very excited. I met Tod at his office, and we had dinner at the House of Blues before the show. (Great food, by the way.) Since we had dinner there, we were able to "jump the line", so we were able to secure a spot right in front. The boys were energetic, as usual, and encouraged us all to sing along. The third-to-last song was Company of Fools, after which Alan credited his co-writer Russell Crowe.
Russell Crowe
Photo by Tod

Ayup, Russell came out. They sang Folsom Prison Blues and Cockles and Mussels together to end the show.

Saturday was the Oregon-USC football game. I had some trouble dragging myself out of bed, but managed to do it. We got there early enough to get a good parking spot, and then had brunch at the Galen Center. Unfortunately, towards the end of the first quarter, I started getting a migraine, and went back to the car to sleep it off. Leaving the stadium meant I couldn't get back in, which was a shame, as the Trojans won, 44-10. But I did have a great nap!

Sunday was the Stitch'n'Beach annual yarn swap at Susan's place. There were about 20 people there, some of whom don't come to weekly meetings that often, so it was an opportunity to connect with them. And Rhonda brought Sofie, who is now five weeks old and absolutely adorable!

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  1. That does sound like a great weekend! So much going on, and it sounds like a nice date night at the concert, too!


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