21 October 2008

A weekend visitor

This past weekend, my friend Sylvia came to visit. She and I have known each other since I was 11 years old and we were next-door neighbours in Irma, Alberta. Although Sylvia and her husband got married in the San Francisco Bay area, she'd never been to Southern California before. Since Bob is away on assignment (he's a journalist) and Sylvia is trying to keep herself occupied, it was a good time for her to visit.

I wanted to give her a weekend that was completely different from Edmonton, where she and Bob now live. She arrived late Thursday evening. Friday, Sylvia and I went down to Seal Beach and actually saw a few dolphins playing a little way from shore, and Sylvia thanked me profusely for arranging the show just for her. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera!

Friday evening, we met Tod at The Magic Castle.

Saturday morning, after brunch, we went to King Harbor . Tod had discovered that the Lynx, which we'd sailed on in Hawai'i, was going to be in Redondo Beach, doing a battle sail with the Californian, which is California's official tall ship.
M & S smaller
Sylvia and me

Sea lions

Cap'n and first mate
Captain and First Mate

Prepare for fire
Prepare for fire



  1. How cool; it's always fun to have visitors and see our hometown with new eyes. Missed you at SnB last night--hope to see you next week?


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